well i had a discussion with a friend and we were talking about how Stevie Ray Vaughan mostly did covers or had songs written for him (if he did that). He said that he looses respect for people who cover to many songs just like to get some opinions on this

personally i disagree with what he says totally but everyone has a different opinion
SRV was an amazing guitarist, i've never really heard about him not writing a lot of his songs or whatever.

I do lose some respect for them as musicians, but as a guitarist he's a legit legend.
Everyone does covers. That's how bands start out, and a lot of bands have a lot of covers on their first releases as the Stones did and Zeppelin.

Nothin' wrong with it as long as you gradually throw in more original work as you go on.
And the blues are all about borrowing and using other peoples songs. Robert Johnson probably wasn't the first person to play "his" songs. He had probably heard them from someone at a bar and then he started playing them. That's just the blues. With three chords, you can only be so original.