hi there.
basically i was wondering.
i have a tiny 10w(ish) amp that has a built in effects unit, and as a band we have a huge marshall, and i was wondering, if we could use the effects of the small amp, amplified on the huge amp?
i am thinking maybe:
guitar into A/B footswitch
footswich into tiny amp and huge amp
tiny amp into huge amp.

if the amps were put on the exact same settings, but add the chorus/delay/reverb watever effect to it... it should work.. right?
It'd work, depending on the OHM numbers matching up, but it honestly wouldn't be any louder, because the 10w amp has only 10w powering it. Same reason that they make 300w cabs for 100w Valve/tube heads - it's a question of sheer power. And annoying-arse maths.
So, to re-iterate, aye it'll work, just don't expect it to deafen you much.
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Why does your band have one marshall? What is it being used for? If I were you I would just tell your band to **** off an dplug your guitar into it straight. Oh yea, if you are using it as a PA system.....DON'T....you WILL wreck it. Only plug one instrument into it.
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were not gigging or anythin yet!
we have one marshall=one guitarist.
one bass amp= one bassist
one drum kit= one drummer
one microphone= one singer.
works that way. =]

not using it as a pa.
just my tiny amp cant bw heard over the drumkit.
but the marshall has no kewl effects =[
Wait what? Why would you use a footswitch for that? I'm guessing you mean an ABY box and even so they made are for picking effects loops or switching between two amps, not for powering two things together, and buy this im guessing you want to use the effects of the small amp in the large amp, but plugging one amp into another is never really a good idea. An amp isn't really built to handle that sort of input...
If this were a pair of valve amps we were talking about it DEFFINATELY isnt a good idea, but assuming its solid state, I have absoloutely no idea how wrong it'd go, but it probably will go wrong.
Buy a multieffects unit. Easy enough.
If you're satisfied with effects that come out of a crappy amp a little digitech thing should suffice.
Well get some!
I'm sure itd be cheaper than you trying this out and frying both amps
Christmas is around the corner anyway, scav off parents.