Hey I have a 5150 head... not the box lettering type just the regular 5150.

I believe it needs 6l6's but I am no amp expert so I just need a little help.

I heard JJ / Tesla makes the best sounding tubes for this amp so I would like to replace the power and pre-amp tubes for it.


I found this site and plan to order some off of it but I am not sure how many... or which tubes I need to pick.

I know the 5150 uses 4 power tubes but I have no idea how many pre-emp tubes it needs. I also dont know if that site sells the pre-amp tubes.

Basically I need to know what kind of power tubes I need... how many of them.. and I also need to know if I want to match the pre-amp tubes with the power tubes how many of those I would need, and what type.

Someone help!

I'm sure I could figure out how to install them I just need to know which to order... the site isnt much help

thanks in advance!
4 6l6's in the poweramp, 5 12ax7's in the preamp if the you have the 5150 I, 6 in the preamp if yo have the 5150 II