I feel like an idiot for asking.... my friend is into the scream\groul bands but they are not to my liking but he is trying to get me more into the metal scene because he wants to start a metal band... what are some metal bands like DT or some of wintersun? legible lyrics and good music. thanks in advance but i don't want to sift though all the scream\groul bands to find these kind of bands.
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oh sorry didn't realize that was there... i know symphony x but i didn't think of putting that on there
DT- prog metal

Wintersun..- i think they are power metal..but i may be mistaken

try the metal forum..but if you dont like metal, dont play it

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any form of power metal, but it also has the downside of being really bad music. black sabbath never had any scream/growl vocalist. if you're into hair metal, that works too
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I like the energy and most metal bands i have heard have quite intricate music. i like metal but my friend that got me into it just basically pushed scream\groul metal instead of other metals and unfortunatly i just don't like that kind of metal as much as prog or understandable metal. oh thanks for the quick replys