I restringed my SG yesterday, and now whenever i try and bend my B string, it only bends about 1/4step then the sound cuts out. It only happens between the 12-18th frets, and i know it didnt happen before i restringed, anyone have any idea what happened or how i can fix it?
it could be a truss rod problem. if you changed the gauge of strings you used, it could have bent the neck just enough to cause interference between the strings and the neck. if i were you i would take it to a music store and have them make a truss rod adjustment. I have a friend who had an sg and the neck snapped cuz he tried to mess with the truss rod (he doesnt know what hes doing). also, ur action could be too low
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Dead fret?
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I'm pretty sure you've just lowered the action accidentally during restringing. No big deal, slacken the strings, raise the tune-o-matic posts a little bit with the thumbwheels/crews and see if you've got the same problem when you're back in pitch.

It's highly unlikely to be the truss rod, unless the guitar went through some kind of environmetal change whilst unstrung...