I searched and I was shocked to not see any Phil Ochs threads. Anyway any fans here? I think he is one of the greatest folk singers ever. Something about his songs really touch me, it's not just the social/political lyrics but also his amazing voice and the troubled life he had. He is also pretty good on the guitar as well.

I think my favorite song is 'The Iron lady'.
Yeah, I like Ochs quite a bit. I think he's better than guys like Dylan and it's too bad that no one know about him. He had a bunch of great 60s protest songs and whatnot. My favorite's 'Draft Dodger Rag' (I believe that's the title, haven't listened to him in a while).
Yeah I think he is definitely on par with Dylan. Vocally and guitar wise he is better, lyrically he is not far off but Ochs is more journalistic/political than Dylan.
I wouldn't go so far as to say he's one of the greatest, but he is one of the under-appreciated folk artists.
There have been some great covers of his stuff over recent years - especially Thea Gilmore's version of 'When I'm Gone', and that Kind of Like Spitting cover album - and he has obviously had some influence.

Yesterday I managed to pick up a 7" from his brother which is also excellent, although instrumental and relatively lo-fi in quality. Talent obviously ran in the family though.
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