Hey guys,

I've recently been searching for an old vintage guitar (Teisco/Zenta) and I've actually found someone that wants to sell it on marktplaats.nl (the Dutch Ebay). The only problem is, that I dont know the brand. The advertiser only posted a picture of the guitar and stated it was made in Korea.

I really hope u guys can identify it. I know its a long shot but here we go.


thanks a bunch!
thats the only picture?
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definitely looks like a teisco guitar, in great condition too. teisco usually made guitars in korea as well. id buy that
could be a burns
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go on ireland!
thats a Hagstrom F-model

pretty old one though.
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yeep.. its the only picture. The advertiser stated that the guitar has an 'additional' Aria Pro2 humbucker. btw.

I know it looks like a Teisco but I cant seem to find a similar looking one on the internet.

I got three other brandnames that made guitars in Korea back in the days. Jr. Elite,Kay and Domino. But neither of these brands seem to exist anymore and the guitars I found look a bit similar but all have tremolo's and a different pickup setup.

tnx for the response guys!

What's that brand Johnny Ramone used? Looks like it could be made by that company.
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that thing is prety nice i want it
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U guys reckon its worth 70 euro's (about 100 dollaz!) in any case?
looks like a kalamazoo KG series. google that and look at the images.

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it does really look like a Hagstrom f-model.. problem is that that's a Swedish brand and all the models look like it... but dont really fit the image exactly.
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U guys reckon its worth 70 euro's (about 100 dollaz!) in any case?


Any guitar is worth that
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Think i'll take the shot. If it plays like ****e, it will still look good in my room

still frustrated though about the fact that I dont know what brand/model it is
The advertiser just mailed me back and told me it was an Albion, sold in English malls back in the days. Does this brand ring any bells... cause I cant seem to find any signs that this brand ever existed/made guitars.