I have been playing bass for about 6 months now. I'm currently with an alternative rock-esque group and we're heading in the direction of playing shows in the near future. This has really been making me consider upgrading my current setup.

Bass (Schecter Studio 5 with Active EMGs)

The guitarist I play with has a Gib Les Paul with a 35w tube vox head and marshall cab.

Current Amp: Fender Rumble 100 2x10

Im not too familiar with what is or isnt good with bass amplification and I'd rather not ask the guitar center employees for advice like I did with my Rumble.

Would sticking with a combo rig work the best? Does the fact that I have active pickups make a difference in what I should choose?

Any input would be appreciated.
whats wrong with your Rumble 100 2x10?
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Oh yeah, forgot to include price range. I guess 600ish total. maybe 700 but thats really pushing it.

The rumble works fine but in our current practice setting, my guitarist barely has his volume up while im sitting at about 50% to keep up. Im sure he'll be higher at a show and I dont want my sound farting if I crank it up to 70%+
Would it be better for me to wait a little longer and save an extra 100 bucks or so? What could I get for alittle more?

Oh and does it matter if its a head/cab rig or a combo? Or is it just a preference thing?
The difference between stacks and combos are what you need. It's basically convenience over loudness. If you don't need a hugely loud amp (it's pretty rare that you do), then you want something more convenient.
For $800 you could get: The Bassman 250 (another Fender amp, but 250 watts, and a much better overall quality than the Rumble), again, look into the Ashdown MAG C410 for a great amp, the Warwick Sweet combo (I don't know a lot about it but I've heard some great things), the SWR WorkingPro (again, I don't know a lot but I've heard some fabulous things), the GK 400RB (I personally don't like it, but many do).
That's what I have for you.
Warwick do two sweet amps.

Sweet 15 which is more geared topractise and some jamming. 150W and a headphone jack with a 15" speaker and a tweeter which can be turned off.

Sweet 25 is 250W, so is pushing a bit more power. Has a 15", an 8" and a tweeter, but no headphone jack.Has a DI line out however so may be better for linking with the mixing board.

Both are otherwise very similar, with great sound.

Of course the Sweet 25 is better, but your needs will dictate what you need.
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