Today i got hold of some power supplies and patch leads (at last) for my rig.

I have the following:
Marshall Guv'Nor Distortion
Boss Super Overdrive (From the 80s)
Zoom G1 (Use as a tuner, thats about it)
JimDunlop Crybaby Wah
Marshall Footswitch (single one)

And i need advice on the best way to MAKE a pedal board.

My idea was build one out of wood then use velcro?

Any better ideas?

Cheap ones too :P

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Theres a pedal board building guide in the Customizing section, you'll also get a better response there, And good luck with the build
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I built a nice one out of wood and velcro, pretty much the best way to do it affordably. Cost me $0. Found a bunch of scrap wood lying around my dad's workshop and put together a two-level pedalboard that I think is fantastic.
I took poplar lumber, the long pieces of wood with square ends, made a frame, and screwed on pegboard. Plenty of holes to route your cables and daisy chain, and just use zip ties to hold the pedals down.

Otherwise, just grab an appropriate size plywood board (1/2-3/4 inch thick) screw some poplar, or add a fram, and you're done.

Cover it with exterior carpeting if your going to use velcro
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Best way to make a pedalboard is to just make the simple board, but then find an old case for it (or buy one, I got one from Dick Smith for like, $20) and make it to that.

VERY useful for gigging, only thing is the lids never seem to be low enough to just have the lid as the board. (well, mine isn't anyway)
the best thing to do is to ask in the gear building and customizing forum, not here. They also have a sticky on this.
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