I've been looking at a Kent Armstrong Quad-Rail Motherbucker for my HSS Squier. I play almost exclusively metal and its respective "-cores" so good cleans aren't a must for this pickup. My amp now is pretty ****, but buy the time I'm done refinishing the squier and adding new hardware, I hope to have purchased a Randall RG50TC.

Many artists I like play EMG actives, but I want to try something different that's still very high output, but without the headache of modifying my guitar to support actives and buying two active single coils.

Brief list of bands I play for people into/familiar with metal (keeping out some more obscure ones):
All That Remains
The Bled
Children of Bodom
Iron Maiden
Machine Head

For those not familiar...look up the names on youtube ^_^
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im not familiar with the motherbucker, but i play the same type of stuff as you, and i have a seymour duncan invader in my guitar and IMO it sounds f-in amazing....as hated as that pickup is around here, i recommend it
everything else is just details