I need help with giving my acoustic guitar a nice shine on the body. I want It to have a glare when you shine It to the light. You know like the acoustic guitars at your local guitar shop. thanks.
Martin has a spray polish which is quite nice.
Your local store should have a bottle.
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unless you want to spend more money on stuff specifically for guitars
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Make sure your guitar already has a finish on it. Some acoustics come unfinished like the nicer martins and taylors, so make sure it has a finish and pick up a bottle of yeah like the Martin polish it will do fine. Don't use a furniture polish, I hear that Pledge can absolutely destroy a guitar!!!!
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My guitar never had a finish on it. IT wasn't poished at all. I have no finish on it. so will the polish stil work or what? because last week. I bought a Dunlop guitar kit. and it came with a guitar polish with the cloth. i used it and nothing.. explaing whats wrong with the finish and polish. thanks.
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