These are the first 3 recordings i have ever made. They have a lot of mess ups. No drums or vocals, only guitars. They are still in progress, not yet completely finished. All of them took me about 45 min each, but here they are.

If you listen to the song PLEASE leave some sort of criticisms, comments, helpers, or anything else. thanks for listening!

i'll crit you back if you paste the link!
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This is directed towards stottss7:
I really like the whole intro to the song. A nice sort of john mayerish thing. Your voice is absolutely incredible and you have some really nice sounding chord changes in there. Really good song. And i am really glad you noticed the reminiscent of incubus cause im extremely inspired by their music. When you say the main riff just stops... do you mean the beginning riff when in changes to the pre chorus sort of thing?
crit as i listen

Empty Echos: nice effect on the guitars, very mellow, distrotion sounds a little weird, could be the recording

18: not a big fan on the intro, sogns kinda boring to me, deffinitly neds vocals

letters to send: this is cool, sweet effects again, phaser maybe? but very repetitive

light elevators: hmmm, not the best tone, and the bass sounds off, could be better and the bends sound weird, could be me tho
thnx for your crit!

Empty echoes:
I like the first riff, it reminds me a bit of foo fighters. But i would skip that little bend you do, or maybe it would sound better or it wasn't looped.

I think this can e a good song with drums and vocals.
Empty Echoes:
Damn that recording was low.
Like the melody of the song. And imo would be a cool song once vocals and drums are in!

Love the whole backwards intro. Gives a cool vibe.
Love the riff. Just work on the playing a little. Once again has potential to be a cool song with stuff added. Like it alot!

All I had time for!

Your a good writer, go find and band a record!
thanks for the crit!

first recordings are always fun, i liked letters to send, the riff in it the most. the effect was eh, and of course the echoes in empty echoes. just try and focus on structure, dynamics, and melody when youre writing, you seem to understand these now, but when u incoroporate drums and such you will see how much it can change a song. but good first recordings, keep it up~!
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

wow , for first recordings pretty good man , mine did suck so damn bad hehe , but yeah start criting

emty echoes:nice intro , like the tone , not the best but good but gets really repetive , and sounds kinda off when satrting again , or atleast i think it does...
the distortion right after that is cool , but i think it needs to be louuuuder!
well , the clean solo bit sounded na ... kinda ... well like my first recording , somehiw just not right , but the solo itselfs is good , just the quality you know?and some bends and stuff
-yeah overall it'S really good for one of the first recordings riffs were solid , got a sometimes a lot repetive , but that'll change with drum and (vocals?)and maybe even some synth stuff in there?in the cleans , some nice orchestral stuff

18:like that reversed thing (memo to my self , make something with reverse)
well again , clean riff is solid , but repetive cause no other instruments , scept for the bass
the riff after that kinda reminds me of something , but dunno what , yea the rest is just as above i guess

letters to send:ui , cool intro man thats sounds really good, ma ... but the distortion ruined it for me ... but nice upbeatish stuff there , overall good , but maybe shut off the efect for some riffs

Light elevators: nice intro again , overall again solid song , but needs other instruments

overall some nice songs man , for first recordings , really damn good songs .
you got some really cool ideas there! keep the writing up

thanks for your crit , pm me when you got some drums in the mix!
english is not my native language
i like the intro to empty echos, but its a little long i think i kinda got board and just wanted the song to start, and when it did it felt i bit abrubpt, i thinks that what u where going for but i feel there is a better way of doing it im just sure how.

with 18, i loved the intro great idea, but it was very long, and when it kicked in it didnt suit the rest of the song, personaly i think it would be good with just the intro riff through a=out the whole song with some heart felt and meaningfull lyrics over the top and slowly fadeing out.

cheers james
Hey, thanks for the crit on lost and found. Yeah, it's our kinda slow song but I had wanted to build it into a big distorted finale but alas, no.

Empty Echos - probably a little too much low end, sort of bulks up into a background noise so a bit of EQ work needed. Some of the riffs are really cool, the intro reminds me of Stellar by Incubus but isn't too similiar, nice effect. It really needs vocals or drums though, either to emphasize or smooth out the changes between parts, because right now it sounds like you just struggle to keep the song flowing.

Eighteen - Kick ass intro, i'm a fan of reversed guitar myself and it flows nicely into an almost 'Billy Talent' clean part, the clean guitar tones here are really good. You need to work on timing though, play with a click track or metronome so you can get all your parts synced nicely and the distortion sounds ugly but not in a good way.

Letters to send - Needs a lot of work in most areas, probably my least favorite recording but maybe some interesting drums and vocal work could save it.

Light Elevators - Pretty good, again your clean parts are sounding nice and the riffs are interesting enough, but you keep falling out of time so tighten up the performing side and this could be really good.

If you were to take one recording further and really work on it, i feel 18 definately has the most potential. I'd love to hear a finished and polished product.

Out of interest what kind of vocals would you consider putting over these tracks?
Too much gain = Ears in pain

Empty Echoes-
Very incubus-like. Transition from clean to distorted could use some work. Not bad overall. Oh there's a wrong note. Pretty good for a first recording

Eighteen -
Interesting fade in-out. Intro reminds me of blink a little. Rhythm guitar isn't bad. Ouch, that distortion is a little rough there. Pretty short lol

Letters to send-
phasered clean intro. Not too bad. I dunno about keeping the phaser on throughout the whole song though. Riffs are decent, could use some timing help here and there, as most new recordings do. Everything could use a singer, drums, etc etc etc, but I'm sure you knew that already haha

Overall these are pretty decent for a 1st recording. Not bad, keep workin at it man

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=709681
eighteen: nice job with the backwords guitar. i thought your clean tone could use more sparkle. the bass was a bit awkward as far as timing. check out acoustica beatcraft or fl studio for drums. i liked it though
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The volume on Empty Echoes is very low, I can't hear it well enough to crit (my laptop speakers are not very good).

The playing on all of these seems pretty solid and the recording quality isn't bad but they are all just repetitions on a single idea, you should mix it up a bit more. BTW 18 has a part in it that's exactly like a Kelly Clarkson song.
thank you all for your criticisms and comments, they are all very helpful!! and a question for iwinsohard: what Kelly clarkson song does it sound like? i dont listen to her very much...haha
This is really good! keep it up. looking forward to listen to more.

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thank you all for your criticisms and comments, they are all very helpful!! and a question for iwinsohard: what Kelly clarkson song does it sound like? i dont listen to her very much...haha

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Thanks the crit!

Empty Echoes has a nice feel to it. Some drums would be nice during the distorted parts. The volume is quite low though.

I liked Eighteen. I think it would also be good with drums. It starts getting really muddy and confused sounding at the end though.

I like the effects on Letters to Send. I especially like the various riffs. Again, drums would be a plus. This is my favorite so far.

Nevermind, Light Elevators is even better. Amazing during the distorted parts, but needs drums. The verse riff is good too. This is your best. Seriously, this blows all your other ones away.

Light Elevators is seriously awesome. Definitely develop more on that one. Add some vocals and drums. Drums would go a long way for all of them also. Good job!
light elavators sounds cool, but i don't really get the dreamyness i expected with a title like light elevators. the swells could use work, but the playing was solid.
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I like the effects on empty echoes, I love the reversed guitar on Eighteen, and when it goes into that riff it sounds really cool, it sounds like you need a bit better timing maybe play to a metronome? Letters to Send sounds like Incubus, but in an awesome way. I like it a lot, and thanks for the crit on mine.
what gear are you using? the distortion sounded a little better then the cleans. Quiet recordings, i like the very beginning of 18. My favorite was letters to send
I'm using line 6 guitar port and some effects from gearbox (program for guitar port), i use audacity recording software and some effects from that as well. I also dont even own a bass, just using a pitch shifter effect to lower my guitar an octave.
Thanks for the reply.
Eighteen is my fav...backwards sounds always sound gd, The bass doesn't seem to gel with the guitar though i did like the picking the guitar was doing over the top, make sure that stays around in the final draft

p.s. Line 6 ftw indeed! tis ace!

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18 was very good.

i would try and get the recordings to be a little louder though.
if you can fix that, it can be great.

what program do you record with?
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Audacity, its free and works pretty well, not the most feature packed, but doesnt cost me any money
Thank you for the comments and criticisms by the way. I am hoping to redo some of these and make them muuchhh longer by the end of the week. I will try to incorporate some of your advice into my second takes. Thanks! (sorry for the double post by the way, i posted before i was done with my thought, my bad)
Cheers for the crit.

18 - Intro...amazing, brilliant idea. Really like the riff after the intro, but the execution could do with a bit of work. Overall, pretty damn good. Wouldn't mind seeing some vocals over it.

Letters to Send - again, really good intro. Nice use of effects. Love when the riff comes in...I think it'd be cool if it circulated a bit then came in with some uber heavy distortion and drums.

Empty Echoes - Like the fade in for the intro...bend in the intro sounds off though...timing is a wee bit iffy. When the distortion kicks in is really cool. Pretty sweet solo, apart from a few minor playing/timing issues.

Punch - Really like the feel of the intro. Nice chord selection. Use of open strings? Me likey. Decent lead break, would've been nice if it had a bit tmore backing...(another guitar perhaps)

Overall - You can write a nice riff but the execution needs a bit of work. Keep it up though! I'd be happy to crit any new stuff you record in future.
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well, I like the intro....really cool. i liked the slide. i really enjoyed the picking but I think you should post your songs again when you put on some drums and vocals cause it sounds a bit boring without it you know?

punch: yeah, i liked the main riff of the song. i liked the part around 1.10....really cool

well....you should keep it up. post them again when you added some drums and vocals....i would be interested. so keep it up and crit mine!

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empty echoes- really liking it so far except for the bend that does sound a little off...but nothing too big of a deal. i loved the transition to the second part...the distortion i'm not a huge fan of but i can see how it work well with vocals.

punch has a neat sound...its sort of calm but haunting. i like it. nothing to complain about here...its very odd, but in a good way.

eighteen could be played a little cleaner after the awesome intro...but this is really catchy for just guitar. i actually really like it. probably my favorite that i've heard so far. i think this could turn into a very nice song.

i really like the effects in letters to send. the second part through me off a little as i was expecting something a bit more mellow...but its good as well. second favorite. the quality isn't bad here either.

you don't sing, i'm guessing? if not you should try to collaborate with someone who can because you have a lot of great ideas here.
Empty echoes could be a real winner.. i like the whole idea and the guitar alone sound's
good but what i also like is to hear it with drums, the bass sound's good but a little
out of sync with the guitar, nevertheless it sound special next to the guitar, very dope chilling!

punch is also something special, your style is rock but it sound's more the way of
alternative rock a bit to me (the others too) i like it much this one, to describe it
like laying on your back in the water and smoothly going forwards sideways on the
golves's but very quiet and relaxing.. also kudo's for that!

eighteen could be better.. i liked the beginning(reverse) on that but afterwards it becoming a mess with the guitar, the funny things is it reminded me of me in the early days
so there you have it nobody is perfect in the beginning, but this has for shure potential.

letters to send.. this i don't liked it at all but after a second and thirth play i was sold
a combination for me of good emotions, a rock song with a relaxing sound..
I saved your myspace by my favorites so ones and then i will be listening and come

sorry for my bad englisch..
cheers glenn.
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i like it. empty echoes is great, and would be a lot better with a band. it ends really abruptly though. nice job!
id say if you got some drums and vocals and....

worked on it a couple years and then got into the real studio...

you could be the next pink floyd.

oh and a LOTTTTTTTTTTTTT of luck.

now crit me. or should i say, us.