so my band just got a singer
what do we plug a mic into?
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speaking of my homemade pedal
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Speakers have those 3 pointed thingy jacks in the back. Thats where yoru mic usually goes.


You need what some people like to call a PA system. It's really just these things:

Microphone Preamplifier(s)
Mixer (Optional, but highly recommended)
Power Amplifier
One or more PA speakers

The standard for microphones and most other balanced-signals are XLR cables. There are the '3-pointed thingy' jacks and they are really great compared to cheap-o 1/4" cables that you use for your guitar. You plug the female end of the XLR cable in to the microphone, and the male end in to the preamp, which is routed to (Or is on) the mixer, which then runs its main-outs to the power amplifier. This unit make the sound really loud, and then send the signals via XLR cables (or 1/4" if you want) to the speakers.
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