Hello, i've been playing guitar now for like 2 months (acoustic) but now i only play electric which I have been practicing a lot and it realy been giving credit and well i love just to play Green Day and some blink songs. Well i've done 2 covers just to see how good i'm. I've got the response that i'm good for the short time i've played and well i feel like i won't become better whitout playing harder stuff.... I think about learning some harder or not stuff that's just powerchords all the time. Like Jesus of suburbia. But well, i think i'm not going to learn much if i keep playing just Green Day and that easy ****. It's fun but i need to advance more. Plx, give tips of tab

try some underoath songs, not too hard but not extremely easy either and enough tabs to chose from. There's a lot of tabs out there though.

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ok the first time i started playing guitar i had the same problem, i was an uber noob who played only afi and misfits. i quit for a while and then started up again, inspired by metal, and did what may seem to be stupid at first, but it really slingshots u forward: i tried to play super hard metal solos. Also i forgot to mention at this point i downloaded power tabs software. id download archenemy tabs, CoB, and even Dragonforce, and id play them REALLY REALLY SLOW, cuz thats all i could do at the time. id just play those shredding riffs as fast as i could and before i knew it alternate picking came naturally, and although i couldnt play the songs anywhere near the actuall speed, riffs i had really struggled with earlier became much easier. so heres my advice: jump in the deep end, at least in the technical pool, theory stuff u should probly do slowly. do alot of individual note work, go find solo's u like and try to play them. What will happen is u will see that many solos have lots of the same tricks in them, just played with different notes, and ull get used to the note intervalls of scales so other solo's using the same modes will come more naturally. also look for some scale or modal exercises, u dont have to memorize the modes, just get your fingers used to the intervalls on the fretboard. i could really go on and on, cuz i had lots of fun with this, and i really progressed pretty fast through the first few months. personally ive only been playing for about a year, but most people tell me i am ahead of where they were at the time.
also, i never really practiced entire songs, i would just look for riffs i liked and practice them, because practicing an entire song that is 70 percent chords and 30 percent individual notes when i am pretty good at the chords and pretty bad at the individual notes isnt too efficient. but u do whatever it takes to keep you playing.