I started writing lyrics a while ago... but I'm kinda lost cos my english isn't all that good and I've got no idea what my stuff sounds like to native speakers... I don't really dare showing the things i write to anybody in real life because i think it's somehow embarrassing and I'm sure I've got quite a few mistakes in there since I sometimes don't get the real meaning of a word from the dictionary... but you go ahead and be mean^^
This is just the beginning of a song, for a start:

Isn't everything ugly
if you look at it the wrong way?
Isn't everything beautiful
if you pretend not to see?

Does your gold lose it's value
when there's no light?
Is one mirror enough
to reflect a real me?

There's a deep blue sea beneath your feet
and you don't even care
you could dive until your lungs burst of light
but you stay at the surface, gasping for air.
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