Hi there,

I'm attempting to adjust my truss rod for the first time. I've read a few guides so I know I'm suppost to be extra careful...

My problem is: I'm sure my neck is bent back. My low E string vibrates on the first few frets even with high action. So I'm trying to loosen the truss rod.

When I first put the allen key in the nut I noticed it was really loose, I could flick the allen key from side to side. I tried to loosen it off, but it gets very stiff, very quick, and I daren't move it anymore. When I hold down the E string at frets 1 and 17 there is now the tiniest of gaps in the middle at the 7th fret, although it's not even 1mm, there was no gap before.

I imagine I should take it to a guitar tech. But I'm just wondering if it's normal for it to get this stiff. I could quite easily push it round with some force, assuming it doesn't get even tighter...

P.S It hasn't been adjusted since I bought it new 6 months ago.
You want there to be a little space at the seventh fret. The nut and saddles can make the action screwy to. If you have ne experience at it take it to a shop and have a guy set it up for you.