how is a P-90 comparable to a humbucker and a single coil in the bridge?

I'm going to make a custom jazz master from warmoth and i think i want to put a P-90 in the bridge and then two single coils in the neck and mid positions

feel free to suggest some other combinations I'm really open at this stage

i play a classic rock heavily influenced by led zeppelin but i tend to use a little more gain than that and i like to get more indie i.e. the strokes

so somewhere in between a modern and a vintage tone i guess...
A P-90 is a singlecoil pickup but it sounds fatter. It's somewhere in between singlecoil and humbucker sounds, I guess. They're really something special, and everyone should try them out at least once.
I love P-90s. When I play my buddies LP with P-90s through my Triple Recto it always reminds me of the guy from Incubus. If you know his tone I think its exactly what youre describing...a blend of vintage sound with a modern edge mixed with the twangy sound of a single coil but the fat sound of a humbucker.