I have the EVH signature flanger and I cant seem to get good flange tones out of it. It may be a dud b/c I bought it used off ebay but I doubt it. If the manual and depth settings arent just right when the sound drops down it makes this terrible spacey-type noise (ill post sound clips if needed).

Does anyone have experience with this pedal? Like where to put it in my setup (Maybe it works best in a certain spot?)

Or anyone with some settings for it would be great.
Whats your set up? If you run a distortion pedal for distortion is the flange before or after it in your set up?
Right now I have Guitar>>Metal Muff Distortion >>> Flanger >>> Peavey Valveking 112 input
Try running your Flanger in the amp's effects loop. It might make a difference in the sound it gives you.
Yeah the Metal Muff might be dirtying up the sound of the flange a bit since its a high gain pedal. Try it in the effects loop.
Run it in the effects loop as suggested. Also, are you running the amp clean and using the Metal Muff for all your distortion? It would probably sound a lot better in general if you ran the amps distortion with an over drive (like the Ibanez TS9) in front to get the gain you need.
hmm ill try that ^

Does anyone who actually owns this have any settings and tips they could give me???