between a guitar cable and a speaker cable? I need a cable to connect my head to my cab, and I'm unsure of what to do. I have a ton of extra guitar cables, but I heard I need a "speaker cable". What is the difference? Aren't they both male/male, 1/4" cables? I went to radio shack today and asked for speaker cables for connecting an amplifier to a cabinet, and the guy just showed me your everyday guitar cables that I already have. If I have to go all the way to guitar center just for the same cable but it says "speaker cable" on the box and costs $10 more, I'm not doing it!
It's not the same cable, and if you refuse to spend extra money on one (I don't think they cost more anyway) then you run the risk of causing damage to your amp. Speaker cables, unlike guitar cables, are designed to be able to take the load that is put out by your amp.

In short: get one.
If you try to save a few bucks on a cable now you will be buying a new head later. There is a big difference between the 2 cables. Think of how much power goes thru your guitar cable versus how much goes thru a speaker cable. A guitar cable would work for a little while until you turn it up then the cable will get hot. Not long after that there will be some smoke not the good kind of smoke either. There was thread on here of a guy who fried 2 tube heads using a cheap guitar cable to hook up his speakers.
Wait a second. So you NEED a special guitar cable? I just noticed the cable I'm using now says "high grade low noise microphone cable". Will that f up my gear? That's what the guy at the store gave me.
It's less important when it comes to the guitar - guitars don't put out as much power as amplifiers do.
also guitars aren't powered by a 230-250v mains, pretty much any cable will do because should it fail then the guitar isn't going to have this huge amount of current floating about and destroying everything like the amp head would
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I wasn't saying I don't want to spend a few extra dollars. I was just saying that I don't want to buy one if there is no difference, but since there is a difference I'll obviously get one. But the guy at radio shack had no idea what I was talking about when I said "speaker cable for guitar". Will I have to go to GC? It's way further away...
Guitars (& mics) use a shielded low signal cable that has some resistance built into it, & this resistance will damage your amp if used as a speaker output cable.
For a speaker cable, you can just use an old section of a lamp cord or 2-wire extension cord (NOOBS-DO NOT CUT THE CORD WHILE IT'S STILL PLUGGED IN!), & solder the regular 1/4" jacks to the lamp cord. Just make sure whichever wire you connect to the center terminal of one jack goes to the center terminal of the other jack. It's that easy, no matter what anyone else tells you. I've run my very expensive amps for years w/ home made speaker cables made out of old extension cords.
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^ That's right. Your guitar puts out a tiny signal, and the amp produces a huge signal in comparison. The speaker cable should be made with larger gauge wire that can handle the current. And BTW, I've never met a Radio Shack clerk who actually knew about electronics.