Well, ive been wanting a good guitar for a while now. Currently i have a LEFTY MIM fender strat (SSS)

And im looking for a good guitar. I play metal, classic rock, and some others, but for the most part, metal.

I have a 5150 head, 5150 cab and marshall 1960 cab as well.

only 2 reqirements, FAST NECK, and 24 frets. Neck is important to me. I have had my eye set on a Ibanez presteige 1570l for a while, but i was wondering if anyone can come up with something differnt.

Gotta be lefty, i know trying to buy a lefty guitar is a job.

I would prefer > $1000. (less than, i need to figure out if thats really less than.)

I could maybe go up $50 or something.


i kno some1 is gonna say "go play some" and i ussaly just hendrix style some rightys at the GC but they never seem to have something i like, if i could find it in Lefty.
The RG1570 sounds like a very good idea. With 1000$ you have money for new pickups too, even if the lefty model costs a tad more than the regular.
an RG1570 what i'm saving up for...luckyyy
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Im lefty, and I have a Jackson DK-2L, it got a fast neck and 24 frets, licsened floyd, but don't let that scare you (too many people think that if its licsenced its automatically crap) It comes stock with Seymour Duncan pickups.

A fine choice.
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yea lefty is $900. And i was thinking about putting a 81 in

You'd also have to get active neck and middle pickups as well if you were to do that, since it's really difficult to wire active and passive pickups together in the same guitar, especially if it only has master tone and volume controls.
a good friend of mine from Storm Within plays a lefty Schecter Hellraiser. it has a gibson style neck though. kinda thick and painted over so i dont think its as fast as a normal ibanez. just getting that out there cuz he's the only left handed player i know.
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