I bought this today-


And I used up all the outputs to power my pedals, but I need more.

So what I wondered is, can I plug in a daisy chain type thing into one of the outputs? This way, using 1 output, I can power 5 pedals, but not have to but another power supply? I'm really sorry if that doesn't make sense, I'll try and draw a diagram.

If it supplies enough mA then in theory I don't see why you couldn't.

450mA, if you're using analogue pedals, quite a bit of breathing room.
But you should probably see if anyone more educated comes along
Thanks. I'll see what a few others say. (thats not ignoring your analyisis. Just making sure. I know how you females get!)
Find out how much current (mA) each of your effects uses, then add them together. If it's over 450mA, then you don't want to do that. If it's not much over 450, you could get away with it if you don't turn on all the pedals at once.
current draw should be okay. but be careful of reverse polarity pedals. ie: fuzz pedals. a lot of them are positive tip.
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im using that exact same power pack and have done the exact same thing with the daisy chain.

...im still waiting to hear from the insurers


......its fine
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