does anyone here BMX? like racing or freestyle. if so for how long and wat can u do(freestyle wise)?
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my friend's a bmxer.. he's quite good for my opinion
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I much prefer skateboarding.
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I prefer skateboarding, but I would love to be able to bmx, I think it takes more skill than people give credit for.

Check this out though. It's for Skaters, Bmxers, Inline, plus others

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Raced for the past 8 years and ride quite a lot of trails
Dont tend to do many tricks but can do Turndowns, X-Ups and 360s as well as all the really basic stuff
YES! I never thought id find another BMXer on here

Ive been riding freestyle for about a year now, and im alright for the time ive been riding.

I can flip, 3, barspin ect, and im moving up to whips soon
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