It comes down to this...... What would you get. Guitar Hero ||| or Halo 3? Talk about the topic. I will reply to MOST comments. If you already have one or both say so.
Its been done but w/e i dont care.

I already have Halo 3 and it's good. Guitar hero 3 is next though.
No doubt halo 3, got it on release day and have been playing ever since, best game i have ever played (online that is) online is the best part campaign is average.
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I'm so sorry.

I've played both, single player and multiplayer, and I have to say GH3 is much better. Halo is completely overrated. Good, but overrated. GH3 gave me a lot more entertainment for a longer time.
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dude get guitar hero three beucase its the most expensive and just wait for halo 3 to get cheaper
i'd say GH3 because i've already seen the ending(s)to halo 3 and it's kind of overrated. kind of.
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If you don't have online, I would recommend GH3, but if you have live definitely buy Halo 3
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