Well I have this portfolio to do for my economics class and one of the sections is supposed to feature three songs about economics/money and an analysis of each.

So far I have System of a Down - "Boom!" and I'm having trouble thinking of other good ones. So any suggestions would be cool. Thanks in advanced.
money - pink floyd
yerp im sure ill add something amazing here some day.
AC/DC - Money Talks

Barenaked Ladies - If I had a Million Dollars

The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love as well as Money (That's What I Want) and You Never Give Me Your Money and maybe Taxman
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Megadeth - Peace Sells (maybe?)
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Floyd - Money
Dire Straits - Money for nothing.
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Mo Money Mo Problems - Notorious B.I.G

edit: It's All about the Benjamins
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mmmm, the ones that I thought about have already been mentioned, so how 'bout If I Were a Rich Man from Fiddler on the Roof?
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BYOB - System Of A Down
it tlaks about how they send the poor ppl to war, does that count?
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what about tupac-changes. Thats REAL economical stuff. But thats just the way it is.
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