my math teacher lectures our class every day for like 20 minutes about how we never do our homework and dont pay attention in class. Then she's like (to the entire class) "oh now because you wasted so much time you dont have time to do you homework in class". Maybe if she didnt lecture us every day we could do it in class?
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I'm just playing man. I understand what you mean; you should go have a talk with your teacher about how she's taking too much time to remind you guys to do your homework. It would help if you went as a group. If you go by yourself, she might hate you and you'll be pwnd forever.
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Or maybe just grow up and do the work?

its not me who doesnt do the work.. i always do it, but its just annoying how she lectures us EVERY DAY for 20 minutes..
Yeah, I hate it when teachers do that.

Especially when I'm in the back of the class just wanting the damn day to end and not saying a word I get punished for whatever the **** other people were doing.

But, hey, life sucks.
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my algebra 1 teacher used to do the exact same thing except it was sometimes for a full period.

in your case, i agree with whoever said that you should talk to your teacher as a group.
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