Hey guys, can u reffer me some Neo-classical songs to play on my E-Guitar. Like "Passage To The Reaper" from Children Of Bodom. Something sounding Malmsteen/Vivaldi, that ain't such a piece of cake but fun to play. 10x a lot!

P.S. Not something impossible.
Air to Air by Theodore Ziras
You'll be better off going on www.911tabs.com because there doesn't seem to be a version that isn't live on here.
Great song though.
Also Early Bodom and Norther are good too (going with the Wintersun thing (Y))
Oh and again, Cacophony yes, even if you can't play it at speed have a look at Concerto and slow it right down, just learning the patterns will do wonders for your neo-classical playing.
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define impossible?

Jason Becker - Pagannini's 5th Caprice (not really neo, but you can make it so)
JerryC - Canon Rock (more rock, but, obviously based on Pachelbel's Cannon)
Joe Stump - alot of his stuff
Ozzy Osbourne - Alot of the Randy Solos have a neoclassical feel (Believer, Crazy Train, Mr. Crowley, etc)
Any Paul Gilbert or Racer X
Stratovarious (bit keyboardy, but neoclassical)
Van Halen (duh)
Warmen (If you like CoB, this is perfect, although heavy on the keyboards, after all it's run by Janne Warmen, the keyboardist in CoB)

Hope that helped man, i just ran through my library picking things out all i hope is to enlighten as many people to good music, not forcing anything on anyone

EDIT if you can manage it, i Recomend Cacaphony (Marty Friedman and Jason Becker)
Insanely hard stuff though
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