Well guys i purchased a sandisk mp3 player a while ago and the thing is stuffing up. The problem i have with it is i added some artists on it from my friend's laptop. Now when i put them on normally the songs were on there but they didn't play so i hooked it up to my computer and the songs aren't even there.

I decided to hook it up to my friend's laptop to see if they were there which they weren't i then decided to copy every song put it in a folder, delete all my songs then put the folder on my mp3. Well i deleted all the songs and what do you know the songs i added from my friends laptop were still on there and there is no way i can delete them. They are taking up loads of memory and now any time one play's the whole thing stuff's up. If you have had any of these and know what to do that would be great.

P.s i can't return it its past its waranty
buy a new one.
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is there an option to where you can format it?
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buy a new one.

I can't i'm saving up to get a guitar and to the dude that said can u format it somewhere i'm not real sure what that means.
It means delete everything, it's special function. It should restore it to factory settings and whatnot. Read the manual, if you've lost it, look online.
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Sandisk players really suck, mine started acting up, wouldn't let me add songs and randomly froze up. I bought myself an iPod instead.
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Formatting completely wipes all data on the player (to my knowledege at least)
If you've got the Sandisk Sansa E270 (like me) go into settings and then go reset all