I was at my local music store today and I saw a Marshall Tube Amp. It said on it "ValveState" Then there was like a 2000 in the top right. It was 30-40 watts (I dont remember) and it was selling for like $400. Think I should get?
no my mate got one and it broke down real easy you should get a vox
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It's a hybrid. Just has a single valve in the preamp, and it really doesn't make a big difference at all. They're not as bad as the MGs, but there are a lot of better amps out there for that price.
from what I've heard they're not too good, basically, it'll still clip badly if you have the volume up, and won't have more gain like a all tube... It might sound alright at low volumes, but I've never tried it, I'm just going by what I've heard of it
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I bought a used marshall valvestate as my first amp not too long ago. Distortion not so great, alright on clean. Though I'm sure my cheap guitar has something to do with it too lol
The newer ones aren't that great. However the older ones I've played (the 8080 comes to mind) are actually pretty nice amps that sound pretty good. the older ones were built a lot better too. the AVTs also tend to crank fairly well.