hey all , just wrote this just now. All input appreciated.

*there's always the Foreign Legion
- Thom P.

Don't run away
through a pipe
Don't end the day
with only a pipe
what'll she think
thats not her type
exciting as a stovepipe
boring as a bagpipe

A bit astray
is it really so bad
every day
you've got to blow your mind away
she'd only think its sad
you'll never be
the best she's ever had
but a common American shad
an ordinary lad

What to do with the time
its being wasted
like the love that you tasted
now you're forcing some sublime out of the grime
cause when its over you're hungover
if she wasn't there
she doesn't care
if the night before you had a short-lived golden mind

Get yourself straight mate
take her away
you'll only regret it
if you keep on believing it
it's dishonest to change
to stay in the strange
a mind is a thing to be carried away
you might change her mind
if you can finally set yourself alive
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