Im planning on buying a fender MIM Strat and i was wondering if you can get enough distortion out of it to do hard rock.
u mean "good sound" from enough gain loaded onto it?
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you can get great distortion, watch out for noise though.
if you know how to use your pickup switch, its easily taken away.
the tone itself is edgier and crisper than humbuckers.
You can buy stacked single coils (basically a humbucker in single coil form) or hot single coils that will do great for high gain, that is if you were thinking about a pickup replacement.

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It kind of depends on what you plug it into...
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Depends on the amp more than anything, but whoever says single coils don't have bite is just a moron. It will be more suited to AC/DC style crunch, than balls out metal, but they can definitely do it.

In fact, my tele can be downright beefy at times.