I'm a man, it isn't possible for me to say...

My girlfriends says your ugly though...
Cam Sampbell's my hero
My god! keep your face away from small children!
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Come on dude... I'm not gonna put you down like the other guys here, but seriously just look in some fashion magazines or something, find a good haircut, get that, study askmen.com, and try to get some goddamn confidence. It's hard but seriously posting threads like this is a lowpoint. You can look good don't worry, but you need to get a clue how to. But looks are nothing compared to confidence, if you're looking for girls that is.
There really ought to be a "general questions, not for discussion but for answers thread."

It pains me to see so many random questions on the first page of the pit, not very entertaining.

EDIT: No you're not very good looking. Do something with the hair. I dunno, might go a long way for you.

But you're not hideous.
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You're Thurstonsexual

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