And how important is OD. Because I need a compressor, and rather than the Dyna Comp I was going to go with the Route 66 OD/Compressor. My pedals are in my profile...do you think I sohuld spend the extra money to have another OD? Like I know it sounds noobish, but what is a song with OD and what is one with distortortion?
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I look at it this way...overdrive is the sound of a cranked tube amp. Some light crunch sort of sound.

Distortion is the same thing but one step further with sustain and slightly sharper.

Don't know the real way they're different but that's how I see them. You need to play metal get a distortion. Like SRV or blues? get some sort of overdrive...
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Basically, if you look at the wave form on an oscilloscope, overdrive squashes the peaks of the wave. Distortion chops the peaks off more harshly.
no, you can get dostortian in amps. usuallly distortion channels are found on two or more channel amps.
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If you add overdrive to overdrive does it become more like distortion, or maybe just more saturation? Or does harsher distortion always have to come from pedals or ss amps with it?

To me its neither of those things, its just very muffled.
(I run Boss Super Feedbacker and Distortion > Boss Super Overdrive)

It can be good for like, endless sustain slow soloing stuff,works from 8th fret G string and up. Not very good for chords etc.

Anyways, thats only because I have my distortion and overdive on two independant settings, in which their not really meant to be used too much together. If you don't really need that extra OD from the Route 66, you could just set it as a solo booster.
An overdrive will add a little more gain and level to your sound. (Hence why people will buy one to push a Tube amp's gain to metal Teritory.)

A Distortion goes over the current sound with it's on programmed voicing.
examples (songs) of..
overdrive: the verse of Sweet Child o' Mine (Guns n' Roses)
Heavy Distortion: Cowboys from Hell (Pantera)
Not-so-heavy distortion: Back in Black (AC/DC)

hope that clears things up if u didn't understand wat the ppl before me said.
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