I have finally desided what I want to do you my Epi. Les Paul Standard. I have drawn up the schematic, placed an order on the pickups, and am finally ready to start working.
The basic overview looks like the attached file.

1)seymour duncan custom 5 SH-14
2)seymour duncan '59 SH-1
3)phase switch
4)series/parellal switch
5)push-button Killswitch
6)push-pull pot Master Tone / when pulled coil taps the neck pickup
7)push pull pot Master Volume / when pulled coil taps the brigde pickup
8)pickup selector switch
9)covered hole of where #8 used to be

both the master volume and tone are going to be using a custom high gain buffer pre-amp

tell me what you think?
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yay! that's cool!

r u putting an individual pickup switch?

what preamp are u using? i might be able to get u some other options.
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Im am using a custom pre-amp a friend you has been a professional guitar tech for 40 years is built me and I am using the oringal toggle switch

I will post a pic of the schmetic as soon as I can use a scanner or camera\

p.s nice icon of frusciante hes one of my favorite guitarists
sounds like the jimmy page wiring, which can be found on the seymour duncan site. I'll also be doing that wiring.
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