I just bought a Digitech Death Metal a few weeks ago, with the Digitech adapter as recomended by the store clerk. Now I'm thinking of buying a Digitech Bass Synth Wah and I'd like to know if I can use the same adapter for both pedals. The adapter doesn't say anywhere that it's exclusively for the Death Metal.
yeah you can, i have 2 digitech pedals and the adaptor works for both.
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simply....................... yes

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Dude, if you already have the capo just put it behind the nut and it lowers everything.

the store would not know this IMO....

From what I know...No you can't use one transformer on two pedals....
I'll edit this in when I find it...I know I have a post explaining it.

edit...found it
my last post on page 3 and the rest of the posts form that point on:


if the continuity and voltage rating are both the same then you can use one power pack for each pedal but not at the same time with a chain cord which i was above in my text above...

if one pack has a higher amperage use the one with the higher amperage rating.
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