Well, I'm about to buy a pre-cut body and neck from a local guitarshop's luthier (Les Paul style, mahogany body, arched maple top, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard), and it looks lovely.
I only have a rough idea of how to paint one.

It has no paint on it, and i think it comes unfinished, so do I still sand it?
After I do/don't sand it, I put a coat of primer, leave it for a while, more primer, leave it, more primer, leave it, wetsand it so it's smooth, spray it the colour I want, leave it, spray again, leave and spray again, and leave it again, then what do I do to get it all shiny and nice?

Also, I have no idea, so those steps i just said are what i've kinda gathered.
And what kind of paint do I use? Enamel or Acrylic?

Thanks in advance

Oh, and what do you guys think? Black with the gold hardware (like a 2 P-U Black Beauty) or White with gold hardware and a black scratch plate (Les Paul Custom kinda thing)?
Or any other suggestions?
I don't want a goldtop, so don't suggest that
there's a customizing or painting thread i think, with a cool DIY guide.
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if i was getting my thinline strat body painted but not a solid colour, i was going to get my friend to basically draw on it, with a really thin brush in most likely black.

so there'd still be woodgrain and basically..he's drawing on it as if it were a peice of paper....what do i have to do? in terms of priming or lacquering or whatever..and what paint should he use?
Use a paint pen. and You should keep sanding after every layer, it helps. And at the end you put laquer on as a clear coat.
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Ok well, i've been told to use Acrylic spray paints (Krylon, Duplicolour etc), and do a few coats of them, then buy some spray on clear lacquer.

Sound about right?