Alright Heres the issue. First im a poor ass 14 year old who loves guitar. I got this guitar 4 years ago at a local shop for 80 bucks, Squire Bullet by Fender 20th Anniversary. Now back to being poor. Who wants a guitar without an amp? just walked across the street to wal mart for a soda from the machine thing and noticed amps. Crappy 11.2 W amp.

So as you can see I probably sound like crap.


Thats my guitar.

Now I have money from parents about 200$ to spend. to upgrade. Whats the best thing to do?

New amp and get a Pedal? or new guitar ( ibanez gax30 200$ )? Or what?

*Also If anyone can help, the bridge part, down by the High E string, the screw comes up, so I screwed it back in and it still vibrates and comes back up. any way I can fix this without going to a shop?
just save save save - good things come to those who wait!!!

save up 500 or so and go for a nice amp
I cant save its my PARENTS MONEY! they arent gonna give me 200$, they said since "they want to help me" in my guitar stuff theyd spend 200$.
Id go get an amp. Not too much for $200, but even a Poland Microcube or a cube is better than w/e u got. If u want other choices, save up a bit more. A decent-ish guitar thru a crappy amp is gonna sond bad. a decent guitar thru a good amp is gonna sound better. save for an amp.
^ It's "Roland", by the way, not "Poland"
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any amp suggestions? and pedal ( links? )

I cant save doesnt anyone understand that?
A squire is not the horrible guitar people make it out to be. And yea it sucks to not be able to hear your self. So if your parents want to shell out some bucks at a music store get what you can for the money. You dont need top of the line stuff to learn on. Some of the substandard stuff the greats learned didnt kill them. A not so good amp is better than no amp. Dont go and get rid of your first guitar. You can always save and get another one later.
is there any solid amps out there decent. 100$? and any decent pedals? (LINKS PLEASE)
Hmm...here are some links to some music sites to look some up man. I'm not to educated on pedals, as I use a lot of sound processing stuff.






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Most things by behringer are POS's. But i haven't tried that amp. Anyway if i were you I would go for this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Roland-Cube-30X-Amp-with-COSM?sku=487032
That roland 30 is really good and will last you a long time since its really versatile. Little bit overbudget but maybe you can convince your parents or do some extra chores or something.

oh yeah and remember, most of the time if you see MG or spider in the amp name then stay away from it because later you'll prolly regret it.
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