Alright I'm going to sound really dumb but I have zero music theory under my belt. I've got a five string bass and I can't for the life of me remember which fret on the B string is the equivalent of a drop-D'ed E string. I'm trying to figure it out so I can play drop D 4 string songs without having to actually alter my tuning, so if anyone knows of the top of their head please tell me.
while it is less work than detuning, it might actually be more difficult playing songs, because twhen you're reading the tabs, you would have to change all of those tabs that are on the on the d string to the b string, and seeing as you know little to no theory, i'm thinking that this will be very difficult for you, think of it this way,

if 0 is D (tab wise) on the D string, Then 3 is F on the D String

so if 3 is D on the B string, then 6 is F on the B string, basically just add 3 to whatever tab number is on the d string, and play it on the B string
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