I'm wondering how to have a distorted guitar sound that doesn't sound dirty. Like the intro of "Sweet Child of Mine" or Michael Angelo's stuff.

I'm sure half of you will think I'm a dumbass, but does anyone know what I'm talking about?
Michael Angelo's signature OD from T-Rex maybe?
Anyway, a medium overdriven tube amp will do the trick. Play with the EQ, boost the mids a little, and don't go overboard with the gain.
If you don't have a tube amp, Overdrive pedals can do it. I've got the BBE Green Screamer Overdrive Pedal, I really love the tone it gets. I think it's like $100
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turn down the volume on the guitar and experiment until u find the sound u like. thats how i got my steve vai'ish sound. and also dont turn yur distortion up completely in yur pedal or amp or both, whichever u use.
Its all about how you set up your EQ and then what the effect on your amps/pedals are like and the tones you can get from your guitar (ex. humbuckers or single-coils )
hmmm......wat do u mean by "sound dirty". Well if u have distortion on ur amp, put it on, set the bass(low) knob to about 2o'clock, the high knob to 3'o clock and the middle knob to around 12 o'clock. Use ur neck pickups, and u should get some sound similar to sweet child of mine. Make sure u mute the string which u r not picking with ur hands so that there is no unwanted strings ringing out because with distortion the gain is high.
it might also be your technique, dampen the unplayed strings with either the side of your palm, or fingers on the fretboard..
It's all about EQ. Tweak your eq constantly, and play with the volume and tone knobs on your guitar. It took me forever to nail the tone I use, and it has the smooth sound you are looking for. Boost your mids is all I got to say.


turn the tone knob down
use the neck pickup
use a lot of overdrive.

that will get you the sound youre looking for, i think. i assume its like 'still got the blues' by gary moore
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