Ok, im the bassist in a band. The band I'm in has been together for 2 and a half months. We haven't written one song, and when we get together, we'll "practice" (aka cover songs) for about 2 hours, then mess around for the rest of the time.

So far, this has been pretty fun, despite the fact that we seem to be going nowhere. So, considering the fact that we haven't written a song and don't seem to be taking this seriously, i figured that instead of getting a 500 dollar bass amp for chirstmas(which the band says i "need") I wanted to get a new drum-set (I'm a better drummer than I am a bassist, and frankly, I enjoy drums more anyway). Unfortunately, the band did not like this idea, and said if i get the drum-set instead of the amp, they're kicking me out.

Now, I do understand i signed up to be the bassist in this band (we're all 14/15 years old by the way) but I mean, c'mon, we're not really going anywhere with this and I want a drum-set (my current one is pretty crappy, haha) that I'll b able to use well and ultimately get better with.

To make matters worse, my bandmates happen to be really good friends of mine, and they have been even before our band got together.

So my question is, what should I do? Get the amp and stay with this band, or get the drum-set and be without a band?
Get the drumset. Music should be about having fun and it sounds like you have more fun playing drums. Plus, as a drummer, you'll get a lot more offers to be in bands, because they're always needed. If your friends were good friends of yours in the first place, they'd understand your enjoyment of playing drums.

I was the same way with my acoustic guitar. Rather than learn on my old electric (A super crappy guitar that I had for years before I started taking the instrument seriously), I traded it in and got a nice acoustic. This didn't make my friends happy who wanted to start a band (at the time, they didn't think acoustic guitars could work in a band setting). Today, we're still together and half our songs are acoustic (I'ce since gotten another electric). So the moral is, you have to do what you want and it will all fall into place.

Chances are, they won't be able to find another bassist and you'll be called back anyways.
^^^ Couldn't have been put better.
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he's right, theyll keep you, they are just being lame.

just explain to them that youd rather have a drum kit, it seems your playing with them already, so you must have SOME equipment already, i guess a ****ty amp, or your are borrowing one.

just get the drums. youll be pissed you didnt in the future. not to be negative, but chances are that band will break up in the future, and youll be left with no good drum kit, and a bass amp you never really wanted.
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Drums, definitely, especially if you've got a decent bass amp already. Bass players are too hard to find, especially if you're not really gigging, for them to kick you out for that stupid of a reason.
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Rent a bass amp if you need one, and buy a drumset. You seem to have your mind set. If they are going to kick you out for such a reason, do you really want to waste your time working with such arrogant people?
Do what you want. You can always find another band as a drummer, or bass player. Both are hard to find
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