Ok so I this is my first post here on UG but I've been part of this community for a while now.

I have been playing for about a year now and I play both electric and acoustic

I have a general guitar question:
Today I was playing on my Fender Standard HSS Strat and I had the volume knob all the way up, I was in standard tuning and using the clean setting. I was warming up with some chromatic exercises when I notice this non-single-coil hum. I switched to the humbucker to make sure it wasn't the single-coil and played my exercise again slowly. I noticed that when I played the G, 3rd fret on the low E string, the G string vibrated slightly and made some noise. I tried playing the A, D, and B on the sixth string but the other open strings didn't vibrate and didn't produce noise. Another thing was that whenever I very lightly touched the G string and lifted my finger you could hear some noise whereas this didn't happen with any other string. Again I wasn't using any distortion.

Is this supposed to normal? If not what could be causing this and how can I remedy it?

Thank you for any response and any help is much appreciated
You're getting sympathetic string vibrations. You have to learn how to play and mute unwanted strings with your left hand while fretting what you do want. It happens all over the neck with different strings and notes.
That's odd... Been long since you changed your strings? Tried lowering your pickups?
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Yeah I know muting is the solution, I can do that without any problem. I'm just wondering why it's just the G string that's being so sensitive. I don't get sympathetic string vibration that are as pronounced on any of the other strings.
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When you hit the G note, it causes your guitar body to resonate in a specific frequency. That frequency happens to be perfect to make your open G vibrate. Trust me, there are notes all over the neck that will do that to you.
Hm, alright, thanks for the responses

I just wanted to know if something was wrong with the guitar
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