Ok so when you guys pick do you have your pick tilted to the right while you play, or the left? I tilt my pick to the left, and I was wondering if there were any other metal players who do the same, because I haven't seen anyone who does it like me. Should I try to pick with my pick tiled to the right, or should I just continue with how I am picking?

Btw I've been playing for 2 years and I play metal.
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Mine changes as I play, sometimes I have to readjust it. I think it's more a matter of style than anything else.
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You can have more options for pick attack and accents if you hold it with it tilted to the right(between the pad of the thumb and inside of first finger).
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Your reply is pointless.
Please get the f*ck out of my goddamn thread.

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I tilt it to the right (I suppose), but I oscilliate slightly, so it fits my picking motion better. Do whatever you think feels best.
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So your saying I should do whatever feels natural?


altough i pick in many different ways (my teacher helped me to develope different picking techniques)

different ways = different sounds
My guitar teacher was telling me that it's best to hold the pick straight up and down because it gets rid of the *thuck* sound made when picking with it leaned over.
mine basically looks like this
\ <--pick
-------------------------------------- <--strings

yeah, i know it's a crap-tastic representation but...yeah
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Does anyone find tilting makes picking fast on one string easier? I'm talking about alternate on one string by the way.