Alright, to start off I'm a beginner at writing my own music, and as of now can only read tabs.

I like to play in Drop D. The riffs I make are usually between the first 8 frets I'd say and contain lots of open D's. Here's an example.


I know that you can't just throw in random scales for it to sound good. I'm wondering if anyone can give me some scales that will sound good for the type of music im trying to write.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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ive only written one song. the solo was random, i just played stuff that i thought sounded good. turns out everything was in the same scale, go figure.
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from the looks of that riff a Pentatonic or Aelolian scale in D would sound good, and with soloing its not about going up an down a scale over and over, try playing one note on each string, sort of making up arpeggios, of couse going up and down scales can sound good, but mix it up with string skipping and arpeggios
ignore the pple who posted above no offense to u (just think i got better advice:P) it will get u thinking in boxes what there suggesting and try using a B maj scale which is (correct me if im wrong some one i didnt figgure it out or check it just did this from memory ABCDEFG