Hi everyone.

I just need some ideas for my backing tracks when I play live. I just played a show and it was just me and my electric guitar.. and.. just some songs are really bad without the drums/bass/keys.

If its just a solo thing.. should I just make some backing tracks > put them on my ipod > connect my ipod to the PA mixer via RCA1/8cable?

OR should I buy a drum machine and just use that? I know its just drums, but I've heard seen a band play with just him (he was playing electric guitar) and he set up the drum machine. He played a pretty cool show.

If I have to make the backing tracks myself.. is there a good program? or if I should get a drum track.. is there .. a "cheap" one that's pretty good?

Thanks everyone! Any help is greatly appreciated (seriously)
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Umm, well first off I don't really like the backing track idea. A few reasons:

- You are pretty much the backing track's bitch. It doesn't allow much expression or deviation.
- There are advantages as well as negatives for the one man format, and I think there's a lot to gain by really exploring ways to make the advantages work in place of disadvantages.

That's not to say you CAN'T use a backing track and get away with it, but I think there are better options.

Examples of things to do:

A score-following backing track that follows YOU. This takes a LOT of work, though, and it's somewhat unreliable, and getting proper programs will cost a fair amount. Post back if this interests you, though.

Loop, and play over. This is somewhat limiting if you only can make one loop. However, with proper programming, you could make several loops that can be triggered on command, which would probably look really cool.

Explore the percussive possibilities of you guitar. I'm not really an expert on this sort of thing, but some people really make the guitar sound like a one man band... Tommy Emmanuel comes to mind, maybe Michael Hedges... and others that I can't think of.

So, give the other options a chance; maybe you can come up with something more interesting to do than playing a backing track.
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Or you could skip the electric and do solo acoustic, which does work very well.
The only band I know that use backing tracks is Wintersun... They ONLY put keyboards on the backing tracks.

Possibly a bad idea. Get a band.
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Well it kinda depends. If you used software like Ableton Live and somehow controlled it dynamically kinda as a gimmick, it might actually work. You'd by like a DJ but with a guitar. You could throw some live looping in there to layer up parts without actually having them prerecorded.
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