Until today, I've had to play with my amps turned down to where they just don't sound that great.

I went out and bought a Vox DA5. DAMN, this little thing kicks it!

I used to be in a house, where I could turn the tubes loose, and nobody cared. I've felt handicapped since moving into an apartment after my dee-vorce. Kinda like driving a sports car in rush hour traffic. Not any more. I set the wattage on .5 and bring it on! Even at apartment friendly volumes, my guitars sound great.

The effects sound pretty good, and with a little tweaking, they work very well for me.

The amp modeling is actually pretty good. I should have bought one of these a LONG time ago. I'm enjoying playing again. An impressive piece of gear, for sure.

I'm a happy clam. BTW...it's RED!

I compared it to the Microcube, and it was no contest. I tested them side by side, with 3 different guitars. Game over.
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