i like different kinds of music and would like to learn how to play funk. any ideas?
get a wah pedal and play the same chord over and over whilst rocking the wah pedal constantly = instant funk
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try some rage against the machine tabs or if you wanna make your own try using different kinds of pedals and like killswitches and that or dont listen to me and make your own sound and dont really genre it and if you want make it sound funk

play this chord anywhere on the neck with a wah pedal. funk.
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RHCP and RATM aren't funk, they're funk-influenced rock. Mixolydian mode is used a lot. Dominant 7th and 9th chords are very common.


^That mentions several funk artists to listen to and some other useful information.


^Lots of lessons there.

I recommend getting a wah pedal if you don't have one. Maybe a compressor, too.
RHCP is funk man. Listen to they're early stuff, as well as funkadelic and sly and the family stone
Funk is all about the groove. Rhythm is by far the most important element.
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they aren't true funk, it's more of a funk/punk/rock mix,

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RHCP and RATM aren't funk, they're funk-influenced rock.