When watching videos, I know how to do it, but my sound comes as CRAP! Its the same way they do it, and they get awsome sound! mine just sounds dead and dull.

This is because of my amp right? crappy amp just to get started with.. from wal mart. Im spending about 250$ on a nicer one this weekend though.. So it is my amp right?
first of all.. for it to sound really good.. you need quite alot of distortion (if youre talking about metal and stuff)... umm it may be your technique.. i palm mute right where the string and bridge meet to get a good heavy chugging palm mute... if u do it just on the string it may be dead and dull there
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could be. i've got a line 6 podxt live, crate powerblock and a marshall 4x12 cab and my palm mutes still dont sound great. i play a gibson les paul studio and a schecter c-1 hellraiser. just remember, the best players can make the worst instruments sound pretty good. it is probably the amp but it could also be your technique
It could be your tone. Make sure you have bass pretty high.
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it's probably the technique

you're supossed to put this part of the hand

in this part of the strings/bridge

Try moving your palm further down towards the bridge.
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half the palm on bridge, half the palm on the string. dont have it all on the string it wont sound good. regardless its probably your technique or you might have your amp settings a bit off.
Sometimes it doesnt matter how expensive your amp is.
If you just arent satisfied with your palm mutes that could
be a good thing. On the bright side you could be starting to
find your own sound. I would recommend taking your guitar
and your own cable to a guitar shop and spending some time
on different amps.

I had to go from VOX to Line6 because the Vox had beautiful
tones..but now it just doesnt have enough horsepower for me
anymore. Also..you might need to upgrade. If you are playing
metal no matter if you have a tube or not...15 watts probably not gonna cut it.

You can do a few things...

Mess with your amp settings. Metal is extreme. We have a tendency
to apply extreme settings to our amps. All the way up on every knob.
Sometimes that kills the tone. Some amps have really diverse sounds
in those "inbetween zones." sometimes your distortion can range from
light coloring fuzz..to overpowering headache generator.

Upgrade the pickups...(last on the list)..this is a big gamble..
I would recommend doing it last. Research them very well.
Just remember that pickups cant perform miracles. As you add
wattage you will start to see the quality in pickups. Sometimes
the more watts you add the more they distance themselves.
Tubes make a big difference to in the sound of the pickups.

Go to a guitar store that has a good return policy and get
yourself a good multi-effects pedal. This pedal can make a
world of difference. The cool thing is that you will be able to
learn about thousands of effects and see which ones are
critical in building your sound without wasting money.

Get a new amp. When you go to the guitar store, dont just
buy the amp that is in your price range. Some of the guys that
are in these shops have a lot of experience and will sell you an
amp that they know damn well you are going to outgrow in
eight months. Dont let them sell you some Great-awesome-
fell-from-heaven-and-didnt-even-break amp. Look for something
with an overdrive channel. You also want something with a lot
of gain. I would think a tube amp would benefit you the most..
but you can get by with a solid state amp as well. You will have
your guitar and cable with you. When you find that perfect amp
save up for it or lay it away if you have to. Thats better than
realizing 6 months later that you flushed $200+ down the drain.

An amp can make a world of difference...
That peavey valveking can make a 75 dollar guitar sound like Carlos Santana.
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