I just got a PSP for my b'day. And I was wondering what is the best FREE or 'FREE' program to convert .avi, .mpeg, VCDs and DVD's to the right format to play on my PSP. I've googled and tried a few and I haven't found one which works.

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I liked this one:


My friend who I couldn't contact just got on and I asked him and he suggested the same thing. Imma try this one first. Any other suggestions are welcome.
When I had a PSP, that was the only program I used. It compresses your videos well, into the mpeg4 format, and you can transfer files as well. It's an overall solid program.
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well what i did was:

I googled how to put videos into your psp and there was a "how-to" guide which was pretty awesome, give me a few secs and i'll send you the link.

PS: happy birthday


Here is the guide:



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When I try install pspv9, it says I need .net framework ver. 2.0.5 and I can't seem to get it. Any ideas?
google might be a good start
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google might be a good start

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