ok, ive wrote a couple songs(music and lyrics) but others, i have trouble with.

i write lyrics
i write music

both at different times.

but when i try to put they lyrics to music, i usually feel that they dont work together, i find myself concluding that either the lyrics are not deserving of the music, or that the music is not deserving of the lyrics.

should i start trying to write music and lyrics at the same time, or what?
I write lyrics last, that way they fit to the melody of the song as opposed to writing a song around just words.

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also, ive been trying to get away from writing love/for girls songs, any topics that would be good to write on?

anything man, it's life. Robert plant sang about a lion standing alone in a field with a tadpole in a jar, the possibilities are endless.
You can try writing lyrics and music together. It's a highly individual process. You may find that's what works for you. Part of it is just practice. And remember, it's always OK to put something aside for at least a couple weeks and go back to it later with fresh eyes and ears or to toss out lyrics or music you aren't satisfied with and try again. By toss out, I do NOT mean destroy. I mean store the music or lyrics in a separate place. Even if they don't quite work where you originally intended them to go, they may match up with something else perfectly or be the beginnings of something good. I haven't tossed out my lyric notebooks from high school even though there's not much worth anything. I keep them because there are ideas and a few good lines begging to be put into something better. Take a look at life, and you'll see a myriad of topics staring you in the face.
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Perhaps you should try writing some pieces that don't require words. It'd be a nice change I'm sure.
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me personally, usually i write words and songs apart. then i think about the song and what kinda subject matter would fit it. then i dig through all my stuff and find something that fits with the music. often times i'll cut and paste lyrics from different songs together to get something that i think fits perfectly. there have been a couple times in the past where i just started playing and singing and the words that came out were perfect.
I dunno: I kinda approach songs from the other end sometimes. Come up with a concept I want to write about and work from there writing music and lyrics that both represent whatever it is I'm trying to write about and kinda splice the two together as I go. So one of the last songs I wrote was based on the film apocalypse now. After watching the film I sat down and brainstormed a bunch of lyrics that I felt captured the mood of the film. Then I sat down with my guitar and did the same thing: instant result! Its good because I used to have the same problem as you and it now means my lyrics and music have a sense of unity they were kinda lacking before.
You might find some tips in Songwriting and Lyrics, probably the techniques subforum
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