just between 10w-20 watts :stickpoke solild state >_> can't afford a tube p.s i been playing for 2 years and HECK no to line 6 >_> I play jazz,soft rock,blues,hard rock

I can afford up to 300 =s
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Roland Microcube, Roland Cube, Epiphone Valve Junior, Ibanez Valbee or maybe something Vox.
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Vox DA15 is quite good for its price
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first off, look at the microcube. my frend has one and he says its good for practice. also, if you don't mind a ****ty tone at higher volume, i say a 15 watt line 6 spider if ur new to guitar. Line 6 spiders suck, but are ok for solely bedroom practice, (read the MG/Spider practice amp thread in the guitar gear and accesories forum, you might have to search it)and allow you to experiment with alot of different effects so you can be familiar with them when you buy effects in the future.
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this is probably teh best amplifer ever for the money...its amazing...take my word on this...its great
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Vox DA15 is quite good for its price

I like my DA 20 also. Here's a tip, by pass your preamp with a line 6 pod. It will give you complete control over that amp like you can't believe. It made everything better.
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You could get a nice tube amp if you want. Valve Jr Combo ($150) or a Palomino V8 ($200).

Depends on what kind of music you play. We need a little more info.
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I have one of those Ibanez ToneBlaster amps for practice, it's pretty good. I have the 25 watt model, and it's louder than ****.
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With 300 bucks you can afford a small tube combo that should be as loud or louder than the 10-20 watt ss amps. With my palomino I can do up to hard rock and some of the other little tube combos like the Epi valve jr should be able to do it too with an od pedal.