I kinda wanna get a different guitar from my old Squire Strat that is like...5 years old? I want something with humbuckers, preferably EMG cause I mostly play metal like metallica and stuff like that. Im not sure which to get though as I am kinda new to guitars and everything. I was thinking maybe Ibanez or Schecter or maybe something else. Id like to keep it relatively cheap too, like 400 or less, I can probably stretch the price if one is head and shoulders above the rest. Anyone have any suggestions?

Right now Im looking at 4:

Schecter Damien FR

ESP MH-250


ESP KH-202


I realize the MH250 and M200 are practically the same, but are there any differences aside from the headstock that I might be overlooking? To be honest Im a bit biased towards the Kirk Hammet one just cause it looks BA and I love Metallica.

Which do you guys think is the best deal for the money? OR would you choose something else. I realize the MH and M are neckthru and the KH and Schecter are bolt on but Im not falling into the neckthru hype the only thing that makes me consider the neckthru better is the playability. Do you think there is any difference in upper fret access between the 2 with neck thrus and the 2 bolt ons? Cuase if there really isnt much difference I think I might just go with the KH 202 cause I like it for some reason.
I dont really want to spend much over 400 to be honest, maybe a little above but not way more.

Also is the floyd rose really worth the hassle? I read a few things and people seem to dislike the complexity.
If you really want a floyd rose without the hassle check the yamaha line... they have the same thing but without all the complication and hassle that you get with the floyd rose.. though its not really that much hassle once you get used or learn how to do it properly
Alright good to hear, its just that reading up a lot of people seem to knock the Floyd for the way it works but I think if I learn to do it right it wont be a problem, Ill stick with it.

So does anyone know if the neck thru really gives that much better of neck access? The places around here dont carry any ESPs so I cant really tell, altho online I have found some pictures and I dont think there is that much difference in accessibility.
According to their site, the MH and M have Agathis body wood and 3piece maple/rosewood for the neck. Im not sure if Agathis is a good body wood, ive never really heard of it.
Basically, its the Schecter and the KH vs. the M and MH due to the bolt/neck thru decision
To tell you the truth, I would go with the M or MH, because a neck thru will play much better and have superior sustain. Basswood rolls off quite a bit of high end, so unless that is what youre going for, there is no advantage to Agathis.
Plus if you buy the Kirk signature, you might be happy now but regret it in the long run.
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Agathis isn't considered to be very good, but on the other hand, lots of people say it's not as bad as its reputation. I've never tried an agathis guitar, so I wouldn't know. My Ibanez is made of basswood, which people also tend to criticize, but I'm very happy with the tone and sustain.
I'd go for the KH202.

Agathis is very decent wood, but it's erratic. A lot of agathis bodies suffer in the long run.

My EX-260 has an Agathis body. I've had it around 6 months now and the tonality's definitely gotten worse over time.

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So basically I think it is the KH-202 vs. The M-200fm. Out of the bolt on I prefer the KH and out of the neckthru I prefer the M-200.

So basically it comes down to two issues:
Fret access of Neck-thru vs. Bolt on
Quality in wood of Agathis(loss of tone?) vs. Basswood (Lack of high-end?)

Otherwise I really think there isnt much else to be said aside from the fact that I think the KH looks cooler. Any thoughts on the 2 issues?
So KH and bolt on or M and neck thru but cheaper quality agathis...?